Copper tarnish



Render Engine

Material Type

  • Ashutosh Parida

    this is a very very nice collection . . but problem with download

  • Filzstiefel

    There’s no blendfile in the link… just jpg :(

  • Hello Kitty

    Going to fix it???

  • BlenderMats

    Ops, sorry. Now it has been fixed. Thanks

  • BuckD63

    I cant get any of these to work at all they just open into blender and a plain dull nothing .there is no material library .I don’t understand this at all. It makes no sense.

  • Nemian

    ——–> All works fine !!!

  • AlexanderMorningstar

    Can someone please tell me how the heck these work?

    • Simone Pescina

      You have to append the material to your file from the downloaded one using blender append menu item.