An image tale


In recent days, here at BlenderMaterials we thought a bit about the images problem.

Let’s try a few words to frame what we just wrote.

In a sector such 3D or computer graphics in general, it’s very likely that, as there is a technical component and a very pronounced art, a website, magazine or any other public media could run into copyright issues. In these days, it has become normal to search for images, such on Google Images, do copy-and-paste them somewhere on your blog or, at least, on your website. Most of the time, for various reasons, during this action, the original author tends to disappear. This behavior can cause special tensions between authors and publishers.

Turning to our case, we believe that it is quite obvious that this site is created with the intention to create a community where people connected in some way to the world of computer graphics, and in particular to 3D, can meet to discuss their works and also those created by people, even well-established, which may be considered as models to follow and study.
Under this perspective, we believe that it is also clear that, for this site, to address such situations can be incredibly problematic.

To overcome this problem, it was decided then to ask directly to you.

So, if anyone of you has relevant pictures about the themes this site has to do with and he wants to make them available to the public does not hesitate and come forward. Write without commitment at explaining your own intentions.

Anyway, our idea was trying to create something similar to a catalog, also available in the gallery section of the site, why not, tagged with render engine / materials / subjects, so that every singular image can be used during the publication of those news that, for one reason or another, are to be considered orphan of images.

Do you support an initiative like this? What do you think about it. Have your say.