Blender 2.60 is out


Yesterday the new stable version of Blender was released. Now we are officially in the 2.6x era.

There are a lot of new features and bugfixes in this version. As said in the release log page on this version is a strong start for future bi-monthly releases.

Some of the coolest new features (Cycles render engine, Camera tracking tools, Ocean Sim render, Particle Nodes, OpenCL compositing and so on) will be branched in only upon their conclusion in order to keep as stable as possible the project.

But, staring at today, this version highlights are

  • 3D audio
  • UI translation
  • improved weight painting
  • a lot of animation system updates
  • COLLADA integration update
Now we’re just waiting for a word by the Kerkythea team.
In a “lost” post appeared on the render engine website, the team answered to those who were asking for news about the next Blender Exporter with these words:
Blender 2.5.x is a development version. The next stable version will be the 2.6.0. All work we could do on a state of the current 2.5 version may be lost in a day just because someone can change something in at least two levels of the code : the python api that designs the gui and in the internal c code.
So, Let’s see what happens!
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