BlenderArt Magazine: issue 34

Blender Art Magazine

ISSUE 34 of BlenderArt Magazine has been released.

Rigging can be a complicated task done in multiple ways depending on what you are animating. Which make this issue a must read for anyone wanting to improve their rigging work flow and results. In addition we have a bit of python fun to educate and inspire you.

In this number, “Rigs, Add-ons and more!“,

  • Tank Treads Rig for Game
  • Basic Rigging of a Fish
  • Building a Switchless and Intuitive Body Rig
  • Timing and Spacing
  • Python scripting for artists
  • BlenRig 4.0 – Auto-Rigging & Skinning system
  • How Bishop 2.0 Came to Life
  • And Lot More…

Good reading