BlenderArt Magazine: issue 37

Blender Art Magazine

ISSUE 37 of BlenderArt Magazine has been released.

From humble beginnings as “in house” software, Blender has grown into a powerful 3D tool with an ever growing number of cool features and tools sure to please any 3D enthusiast. In this issue we take a look at some of the cool features of Blender and how to use them.

In this number, “Cool Tools“,

  • Evaluation of Acoustics using Ray-tracing
  • How to construct and use a chrome light probe key-chain
  • Evaluation of Acoustics using Ray-tracing
  • The Art behind the Ragdoll
  • A Blade Phone
  • A Pawn Still in a Hurry… 11 years later
  • Sketchfab
  • And Lot More…

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