Cycles, next generation renderer for Blender


Needless to say, this period seems to have been one of the most important moments in recent Blender history.

Some days ago we finally could download the first stable release of the 2.5x Blender era, the version 2.57. Few days later we read about Brecht van Lommel coming back to Roosendaal team after a short parenthesis working in the Octane Renderer project. He now works on the development of Cycles, the next generation Blender internal renderer (here the full article).

The community seems to be pretty excited about Cycles. The demo video published by Brecht shows us how cool it is working with a GPU accelerated render system.

So, I hope you will agree with me, two big points from this news:

  1. Download Blender 2.57 and use it in your production pipeline, enjoing all 2.5 series improvements
  2. Download from GraphicAll the test build with Cycles and experiment the benefits of working in real-time with your (CUDA) GPU.