Download Sintel in HD


On the project site, Ton Roosendaal has uploaded an HD version of Sintel (H264 and stereo WAV).

There are 3 mirrors available and the file size is about 800 MB.

This HD version is a scaled down version of the 4K film.

Ton write that there are still some bug to fix in this version and that probabily there will be some problems in its distribution on the network.

From his post:

Since the previous post we just couldn’t stop trying to fix yet another few errors. It’s still not totally flawless, some of the textures & material settings were too complex to easily debug or fix. The 4k files are being copied to USB drives to be shipped to our sponsors. The 16 bits 4k frames are 650 GB in total… not fun for a mirror, nor for uploading either. Need to solve this still, but maybe wants to try to host it. Will keep you updated on it. The 4k film will at least show prominently on NAB Las Vegas this year.