LuxRender 1.0RC3 released

LuxRender 1.0RC3

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We’re getting closer!

On the 30th of july LuxRender team announced their third release candidate of the 1.0 version. This version fixes some bug reported by the community. On the forum post we can read

Hi all,

it’s been a couple of summer months since RC2, but that didn’t prevent bugs from being fixed and a few new features from being introduced. So here comes RC3, which with the hopes that it will uncover any lingering issues before the epic 1.0 release. Please continue to help us make a great final release by providing feedback in the forum and the bug tracker. If you have reported any bugs you feel should be fixed before 1.0 but hasn’t received any feedback, please bump them by adding a comment.

Here’s the changelist:

GUI supports loading “queue files” (.lxq) directly, they’re simple text files with one lxs filename per line which are added to the rendering queue.

  • Fixed issue with slow network transfers, as well as several other network fixes.
  • Added alpha channel support in GUI, toggle it in the View menu.
  • The theads, haltspp and halttime spinboxes in the GUI no longer updates the value during typing, only when enter is pressed.
  • Tweaks to rendering statistics.
  • Added “add” and “subtract” textures, these perform simple addition and subtraction respectively.
  • Progress bar in GUI now shows the rendering progress if a halt condition is set.
  • Added an initial “cooldown” to metropolis sampler, this avoids bias when using large mutation probabilities different than 0.5. This is turned on by default.
  • Added experimental “adaptive” large mutation probability feature to metropolis sampler, which can be used to find the “optimal” large mutation probability for a scene.
  • Various fixes and improvements

In these days is also active a contest for the splash screen. Here the details.

Here it’s possible to download LuxBlend, the exporter for Blender 2.5x and later.